PERUN X-Series

A Hybrid locked rotating bolt captive gas piston operated rifle with compatibility to AR parts.


The single balanced upper with limitless customization to fit the user, the environment, the purpose.


The Perun is a proprietary platform designed to combine the best of the piston and direct-impingement systems - resulting in a reliable, clean, and functional short-stroke piston rifle with the versatility and shoot-ability of the DI AR rifle. 

The X16 chambers .223/5.56x45mm and can be adapted to any AR15 compatible cartridges including,

- .300 Blackout,

- 6ARC,

- 6.5-Grendel

- 7.62x39mm.


The X17 chambers .308 and can be adapted to 6.5 Creedmoor and other AR10 compatible cartridges.



The Perun platform's features include,

  • The lessened reciprocating action of a lightweight bolt group is moved to the rifle's center, which significantly lowers felt recoil, improves barrel flex, and better weight distribution.

  • Unlimited flexibility on barrel length, type, and caliber changes with the use of common AR barrels and gas blocks.

  • Without a piston system on the barrel, the free-floating characteristics and accuracy of the DI system are achieved on the Perun hybrid piston system.

  • No carrier tilts with precision milling and steel on steel operating rails.

  • No buffer tube is needed, improving portability and even folded stock shooting.

  • Spacious internal enclosure to reduce soot buildup in critical parts.

  • Efficient piston/chamber design to effectively cycle .300 Blackout subsonic unsuppressed. 

  • Significantly reduced heat build-up at the handguard compared to typical piston systems.

The Perun design allows the core body to be fitted with different rail lengths, handguards, and stocks. Unique mounting of accessories is available. Features of the Perun's layout include.  

  • Compatibility with any AR stock or folding (SCAR/1913) stock/brace.

  • AR Pencil, fluted, Ultralight, or carbon-fiber barrels are available, which are typically not recommended or available for piston rifles.

  • Lower customization cost using common AR parts.

  • Higher rail for quicker and more upright sighting while optionally maintaining co-witness with iron sights.

  • Monolithic upper for consistent return to zero.

  • Non-reciprocating charging handle that can be customized to either side of the rifle.

  • Configurable upper Picatinny rail, and handguard M-LOK lengths to fit accessories and support hand preferences.

  • Ability to reduce front-end weight by mounting laser illuminator closer to the optic without hand shadowing.